Sportfest Rules

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Entry Limit: No limit

This is a hike/run of approximately 9 kilometers. Boys and girls will race together, but be judged separately. There will be three heats run throughout the day to accommodate different schedules and conflicts. First, second and third places will be awarded. All students who finish receive points for their schools. This does not include sweepstakes points awarded for placing in the various heats.

Root Beer Guzzling

Entry Limit:  1 boy, 1 girl

Students will guzzle 1 16 oz. cup of root beer at room temperature. Students will be timed with a stopwatch. After students finish drinking, they must turn cup upside down on their head to signify that the cup is empty.

Pretzel-Eating Relay

Entry Limit: 1 team of 5; at least 2 girls on each team

Each student will eat one large pretzel. When finished, the student must be able to say “Achtung” without spitting out pretzel. Students may not break up pretzels until they start eating them. They may not have them broken up before it is their turn. The team of five people will be timed with a stopwatch.


Entry Limit:  1 team, mixed; at least 4 girls on the field at any one time

Each team must have an adult sponsor who is not the German teacher. This sponsor will be responsible for the team’s behavior and discipline. Any team that uses abusive or vulgar language or argues with the referees will be immediately disqualified and the opposing team will be awarded the victory. If possible, have team members wear matching school shirts. Any team with fewer than four girls may play, but they must remove one male player for each female player missing.