1. Why would I want to participate in the first place?
Participating in contest helps promote your German program, increases student excitement and achievement, and is fun! With 40+ events to choose from, and many of those broken down by level, there is something for every type of student.

2. How can contest actually help with student achievement in the classroom?
Many events provide students opportunities to practice the language outside of the classroom, thereby giving them a better sense of ability and accomplishment. Written tests and oral events can help better prepare students for AP/IB tests (think Extemporaneous Speaking, Directed Dialogue, Listening Comprehension test, Reading Comprehension test, Pair Discussion, etc.) Declamation and Drama events support increased vocabulary, grammar, and cultural exposure. Art/Music events allow students to explore more culture, and the benefits continue on…

3. How many students can I bring?  
As many as you’d like; however, check the rules for registration limitations per event. *State – Only students placing 1st-5th in their respective event(s) are eligible for State. Registrations must be received on time, or your qualifiers will be replaced.

4. If my students are registering for more than one event, do I pay for each event?
No, your registration cost is per student, regardless of how many events they enter.

5. How many events can a student register for?
As many as you/they feel they can handle. There is NO limit.

6. What happens if my student is cross-entered and there is a scheduling conflict on contest day?
Try to catch it beforehand by checking the Group Schedule posted on the website prior to contest, and notify the director of your contest immediately via e-mail. If the mistake is found on contest day, have students talk with the appropriate judges first thing upon arrival. Your student(s) should not be disqualified because of cross entries. Judges are great at working with the students.

7. What if my student is unable to participate in contest, once registered? 
If it’s an art/culture event, bring the project for them. If other events are affected by this change, a substitute student can take their place, but please make sure to bring an updated alpha list.

*State – The above statement is applicable except in individual events.  Substitutes will not be allowed for those categories.

If one member of a paired event (Duet Acting, Pair Discussion, Einzeltanz) is unable to compete at State, a substitute student may be used, but they cannot already be competing in that event. Please notify the contest director of drops as early as possible so other qualifiers have an opportunity to participate. In the event a replacement is used for group events, special accommodations will NOT be made by the judges for last minute changes. (ie. – scripts needed, music needed, etc.)

8. If I bring fewer students than I originally registered, do I get my money back?
No. You may replace students up to the number you registered, but you MUST bring an updated alpha list.

9. Do I have to judge?
Yes. You will be assigned an event prior to contest day. Please check the website and confirm your assignment at check-in.

10. Do I have to come to check-in if I know what event I’m judging?
YES! Coordinators must know that all judges are present and accounted for. 

11. Do I need to bring other judges with me?
Hopefully, you have already notified your contest director of additional judges that you will be bringing; however, please bring any willing to volunteer their time and efforts. All judges should fill out the judging information form ahead of contest. 

12. Do my additional judges need to speak German?
Not necessarily. There are events where knowledge of the German language is not required. There are a number of events where German is needed. 

13. What happens to my students while I am judging?
Hopefully, you’ll have some parents or other chaperones with you. When you get to your contest site, find an area for your group to congregate for the day. That can be your meeting point when you finish judging. 

14. What do we do when we first arrive at contest?
Judges should proceed directly to the check-in area, where a light breakfast is also available. Students should find all of their rooms and sign up for events if necessary. Double-check the room assignment list posted on the Judges’ Meeting room door. This will be the most updated list reflecting any last minute room changes. 

15. How/When do we get our critique sheets back?
After the Awards Assembly. All of your critique sheets, extra copies of pieces, and ribbons for students placing 6th-10th will be in bags on stage for pickup. Virtual events’ critiques will be included as tabs on your digital Alpha List.