Sportfest Fun Events

Please click the button to the right for the rules of each fun event at Sportfest. Performances in these events do not win sweepstakes points.

Gummybär Toss

Entry Limit : 2 members per team with 2 teams allowed per school.

One member picks up the package of Gummibärchen. The team members stand facing each other, almost touching. When the leader says “1,2,3, toss,” the member with the package tosses it to the other team member. After each toss, each team member takes one step backwards. If the team member does not catch or catches and then drops the package, their team is out and must leave the lines. The last team left are the winners.


Fill-the-Bucket Relay

Entry Limit: 6 members per team; 1 team per school. 

Each group of 6 will divide into 3 pairs. One member of the first pair picks up the blindfold. His/her partner has the cup full of water. About 20 feet away from the starting line is a bucket for each team. One team member wears the blindfold while the other team member gives directions to the bucket by speaking in German. Whatever is spilled slows down the bucket-filling process. When they get finished pouring the cup of water into the bucket, the 2 team members race back and as soon as they hand the cup to the next person in line, that pair may begin. (You need a person with each team to fill the cup for them; there are several easy ways to do the cup refill.) The team that has just competed joins the line at the end and when it comes their turn again they switch roles so the one who wore the blindfold now gives the directions. Each pair will probably go 3 to 4 times, depending on the size of the bucket. The teams that finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd get prizes. 

Note for proctors: Use different color buckets to help each team get to the right team bucket. Mark a fill line on each bucket on the inside with a marker, so the non-blindfolded member can see how much they need to fill it. You can also run this event in heats and then have the winners of the heats compete; or you can just have prizes for all the heats, which would mean you could have more students involved.


Scavenger Hunt

You will receive a list, in German, of items to find. You may use your smart phones to translate. You may use any and all members of your school’s participants to accomplish this scavenger hunt, even your teacher may give hints or suggestions as needed. Be creative! You may have to draw or create the items needed. Sometimes you may need up to 5 people to accomplish a particular task that is required to be performed for the judge. You may use anyone from your school for these tasks. You have from 8:30- 12:30 to find as many items as you can.

Following are some items which might be included.

  1. schwarzer Lippenstift
  2. rote Brille
  3. Schuhe aus Stoff
  4. Banane
  5. Stern
  6. Rosafarbene Jacke oder Pullover
  7. Fuß eines Kaninchens
  8. ein Papierkorb
  9. eine Armbanduhr
  10. ein Bierdeckel