Scavenger Hunt Rules

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Scavenger Hunt General Rules

Entry Limit: One team per school; 2 to 4 contestants (4 is highly recommended); a team may have 1 upper-level student (German III or above) IF the team consists of 4 members but NOT if the team consists of 2 or 3 members, and no advantaged speakers may be on a team.

Time Limit: The time limit for both parts combined is one hour. Teams may split their time between Parts One and Two in any way, but 35 minutes for Part One and 25 minutes for Part Two are recommended. Time Penalties: For each team member that exceeds the one-hour time limit up to 5 minutes, 20 points will be deducted from his/her quiz score. If any team member exceeds the time limit by more than 5 minutes, the entire team will be disqualified.

There are TWO parts to the event. Team members will work together on Part One but individually on Part Two. All team members must be present for all of both parts. Each team should have at least one SmartPhone or tablet (iPad, etc.) with a digital QR-code reader app already installed, but it is recommended that each team member have his/her own such device along with earbuds or headphones.

Part One: Follow written German directions to find four QR codes posted around the contest venue. At each of the four stations, teams will use their devices to access a video (max. 3 minutes per video). All team members should view all videos. (See Schnitzeljagd General Instructions for more details.) Total video running time is about 12 minutes.

Part Two: Each team member will complete a written quiz independently. The quiz will have three multiple-choice questions and two questions requiring a written German response based on each of the four videos that have been viewed (20 items total). The questions are in German. (See Schnitzeljagd General Instructions for more details.) All team members’ scores will be averaged to obtain the team’s final score

Scavenger Hunt Critique Sheets

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Scavenger Hunt

Schnitzeljagd General Instructions

Sample Clip with Questions

The scavenger hunt is made up of a variety of 4 video clips. Here is a sample video clip and its related questions.


Markieren Sie die beste Antwort! Wo spielt der erste Teil von diesem Werbespot?a. auf dem Landb. in einer Bar

c. in einem Zug

d. am Bahnhof

 Was zeigt der Mann der Frau?a. seine Kreditkarteb. seinen Ausweisc. seinen Autoschlüsseld. seinen Führerschein 

Welchen Beruf hat die Frau?

a. sie ist bei der Post

b. sie ist Polizistin

c. sie ist Lokführerin

d. sie ist Flugzeugpilot

 Was haben Sie im Video gehört und gesehen? Antworten Sie mit einem ganzen Satz auf Deutsch! Was sagt die Frau ungefähr, wenn sie dem Mann ihren Schlüssel zeigt?______________________________________________________________________________ Wie reagiert der Mann?