Advantaged Speaker

An “advantaged speaker” is an American citizen, child of one or both American citizens, or child adopted by American citizens, who:

  • has lived in a German-speaking country 6 weeks or more at one time since the age of 13;
  • resides with a native German-speaker who regularly speaks German at home;
  • speaks German at  home; 
  • visits or has visited a German-speaking country (annually or biannually), visiting German-speaking homes; OR 
  • who attended a school where all subjects were taught in German for one or more years.

No exchange students from German-speaking countries may enter the “advantaged speaker” categories or any other categories of the contest.

Exchange students from non-German-speaking countries may enter the category for the level in which they qualify.

Advantaged speakers may compete in the “Advantaged Speaker” categories for Prose and/or Poetry Memory.  They may also participate in the following: Skit (Level 4), Puppet Show (Upper Level), and all Arts, Cooking, and Music events. Advantaged Speakers may not participate in Pass Auf!, Scavenger Hunt, or any oral or written tests except the Advantaged Speaker written test.

It is left to the professional judgment of the teacher to determine the eligibility of students. Questions of eligibility should be addressed to the contest director prior to the contest registration deadline. If a student is designated Advantaged in one category, he/she must be entered as Advantaged in all categories and contests. 

Please note Advantaged Speakers in your alpha list. If it is discovered either by the judges or the staff of the contest that a student is improperly entered, the teacher will be notified and the student will be disqualified from the competition.