Judges' Schedule

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Judges' Meeting

Judges should plan on enjoying some breakfast and waiting for a general meeting of all judges before going to individual room assignments.
 Breakfast helpers:8:00-8:30 AMLibraryJIllian Reilly- Site Director
Beth Smith- Executive
Tab Room

(Same as Breakfast/Check-in)
Turn in Judges' Packets here!10:00 AMLibraryGreg O'Bryan
Myles Reilly
Score RoomOFF LIMITS TO JUDGES10:00 AMLibrary
Awards Assembly3:30ish PMCafetoriumJillian Reilly
Beth Smith
Judges not yet assigned: V.I.J.s (Very Important Judges)Often judges get sick or just do not show up, so we depend on our VIJS to take over!! We are so grateful to you!!!Library
CategoryTimeRoom #Judges
Video Show9:00-12:301150Molnar, Eva
Andrea, Priscile
Scavenger Hunt(Schnitzeljagd)9 am - 11:30 pm2073Ferenschuetz, Oliver
Warren, Daphne
Club albums9:00-12:302068Brown, Christin
May, Adam
Crafts9:00-12:301083De Hoyos, Alexis
Valdez, Rebecca Chow
Digital Logo Design9:00-12:301150Molnar, Eva
Andrea, Priscile
Doll Costume9:00-12:302070Reed, Tovah Loretta
Mallory, Rebecca
GB Houses(Trad)9:00-12:301311Olson, Carol
Petrie, Gigi
Cain, Delora
Bundy, Jan
GB Houses (Non-Trad)9:00-12:301311Olson, Carol
Petrie, Gigi
Cain, Delora
Bundy, Jan
Kit Models9:00-12:301033 De Hoyos, Alexis
Valdez, Rebecca Chow
Needle Work9:00-12:301072Reed, Tovah Loretta
Mallory, Rebecca
Original Models9:00-12:301047De Hoyos, Alexis
Valdez, Rebecca Chow
Oils and Acrylics9:00-12:301026,1025Anderson, Andrianne
Hoenig, Carol
Pastels and Watercolors9:00-12:301026,1025Anderson, Andrianne
Hoenig, Carol
Black and White9:00-12:301026,1025Anderson, Andrianne
Hoenig, Carol
Photo Essays9:00-12:302301Brown, Christin
May, Adam
Photography9:00-12:301073Oakley, Denise
Park, Beth
Poster Design9:00-12:302302Oakley, Denise
Park, Beth
Shirt Design9:00-12:302006May, Adam
Brown, Christin
Research Papers  9:00-12:30LibraryTo Be Assigned
CategoryLevelTime# EntrantsRoom #Judges
Poetry Memory19:00-12:30pm142038Poague, Shane
Moeller, Katharina
Poetry Memory29:00-12:30pm122037Evans, Phil
Stevens-Schmidt, Kayla
Poetry Memory39:00-12:30pm142030Andresen, Daniela
Hizer, Grant
Poetry Memory49:00-12:30pm72026Oviatt, Kristen
Kocher, Heidi
Poetry MemoryAdvantaged9:00-12:30pm42026Oviatt, Kristen
Kocher, Heidi
Poetry Reading19:00-12:30pm232025Smith, Tim
Radfar, Ammas Nima
Poetry Reading29:00-12:30pm182024Faseler, Sierra
Ruckgaber, Volker
Poetry Reading39:00-12:30pm202023Faseler, Sierra
Ruckgaber, Volker
Poetry Reading49:00-12:30pm202022Kline, Daniel
Munns, Elizabeth
Prose Memory19:00-12:30pm132021Bonner Andrea
Wilson, Kristen
Prose Memory29:00-12:30pm132020McCallister, Hedy
Liew, Amanda
Prose Memory39:00-12:30pm132019Midgen, Barbara
Bodee, Kerstin
Prose Memory49:00-12:30pm122017Merker, Tina
Moeller, Anke
Prose MemoryAdvantaged9:00-12:30pmxxxxxxxxx
Prose Reading19:00-12:30pm172016Bednar, Mark
Raeder, Beth
Prose Reading29:00-12:30pm222015Grenier, Lena
Whitney, Karen
Prose Reading39:00-12:30pm122009Brown, Christine
Davidson, Stephen Brooks
Prose Reading49:00-12:30pm92004Mahamid, Rafa
Zuniga, Andres
Skits131085Morrow, Elke
Zito, Elke
231085Morrow, Elke
Zito, Elke
331084Justice, Morgan
Harvey, Sabine
431084Justice, Morgan
Harvey, Sabine
Duet Acting151081Mays, Lisa
Bodee, Kerstin
251081Mays, Lisa
Bodee, Kerstin
31304Spurlin, Gabby
Kolos, Anna
411304Spurlin. Gsbby
Kolos, Anna
Plays21084Justice, Morgan
Moeller, Anke
Puppet ShowLower51082Molnar, Paul
Shirley, Zach
Upper41082Molnar, Paul
Shirley, Zach


advantaged Speaker
Advantaged142034Venable, Elizabeth
Culture TestAll Levels11,24,14,162046Shae, Jane
Grammar TestAll Levels11,24,14,162044Fenton, Donna
Listening CompAll levels19,22,16,142043Chestnut, Shelby
Reading CompAll Levels26,31,22,192032Floyd, Margaret
SpellingAll Levels15,18,19,132045Pistokache, Kristin
VocabularyAll Levels22, 28, 21, 172036Mannon, Charlene
Listening Comprehension2043
Lower Level (1-2)9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Upper Level (3-4)9:30, 10:30, 11:30
Lower Level (1-2)9:30, 10:30, 11:30
Upper Level (3-4)9:00, 10:00, 11:00

Judges All Event

CategoryLevelEntrantsTimeRoom NumberJudges
Advantaged Speaker
Comprehensive Test
ChorusAllSee Schedule1252
Classical Instrumental EnsembleAllSee Schedule1279
Club albumsAllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Contemporary German MusicAllSee Schedule1252
CookingAllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
CraftsAllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Culture Test 1,2,3,49:00 - 12:002046
Digital Logo DesignAll9:001151
Directed Dialogue19:00 - 12:001051
Directed Dialogue29:00 - 12:001052
Doll Costume*AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Duet Acting19:00-10:001081
Duet Acting29:00-10:001081
Duet Acting9:00-10:001304
Duet Acting49:00-10:001034
EinzelplattlerAllSee Schedule1147
Extemp Spkg39:00-10:001049
Extemp Spkg49:00-10:001046
Extemp Spkg  Advantaged 9:00-10:001050
Folk DanceAllSee Schedule1147
GB Houses (Non-Trad)$AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
GB Houses(Trad)$AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Grammar Test1,2,3,49:00-12:002044
Instrumental SoloAll9:00 - 12:001114
Kit ModelsAll9:001033
Listening Comp1,29:30, 10:30, 11:302043
Listening Comp3,49:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:002043
Needle Work*AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Novice Pass AUF Final game open for viewing inSee Schedule- It cannot be changed2076,2077
Oral Presentation41045
Original ModelsAllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
PaintingAllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Pair Discussion39:00-10:001044
Photo Essays$AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Photography$AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Piano SoloAll9:00 - 12:001108
Play3-4 AdvancedSee Schedule1084
Poetry Memory19:00 - 12:002038
Poetry Memory29:00 - 12:002037
Poetry Memory39:00 - 12:002030
Poetry Memory49:00 - 12:002026
Poetry MemoryADV9:00 - 12:002026
Poetry Reading19:00 - 12:002025
Poetry Reading29:00 - 12:002024
Poetry Reading39:00 - 12:002023
Poetry Reading49:00 - 12:002022
Polka Band+AllSee Schedule1279
Poster Design@AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Prose Memory19:00 - 12:002021
Prose Memory29:00 - 12:002020
Prose Memory39:00 - 12:002019
Prose Memory49:00 - 12:002017
Prose MemoryAdvantaged9:00 - 12:002017
Prose Reading19:00 - 12:002016
Prose Reading29:00 - 12:002015
Prose Reading39:00 - 12:002009
Prose Reading49:00 - 12:002004
Puppet ShowLowerSee Schedule1082
Puppet ShowUpperSee Schedule1082
Reading Comp1,2,3,49:00-12:002032
Research Papers  AllLeave USB by 9:00Library
Scavenger Hunt (Schnitzeljagd)AllLast team must begin by 11:30. You may start at 9:00.2073
Shirt Design#AllLeave by 9:00
Pick up at 12:30
Sight Reading19:00 -12:001041
Sight Reading29:00 -12:001040
Sight Reading39:00 -12:001039
Sight Reading49:00 -12:001034
Skits1See Schedule1085
Skits2See Schedule1085
Skits3See Schedule1084
Skits4See Schedule1084
Spelling1,29:30, 10:30, 11:302045
Spelling3,49:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:002045
Tab RoomLibrary
Varsity Pass AufAllSee Schedule- It cannot be changed2076
Video ShowAllLeave by 9:001151
Vocabulary1,2,3,49:00 -12:002036
Vocal solos*All9:00 - 12:001252

Note to Judges

  • There are many cross entries. Students must sign in to you by or before 10:00 a.m.
  • Please wait until the end time listed in the schedule for those who have signed in. (This is for untimed events. )

Guidelines for Winterfest/State Judges  (These guidelines are general guidelines. More specific guidelines/instructions are located with event critiques.)


1.Take a few quiet minutes to read the criteria for the category that you are judging. If something is unclear, please come to the tab room and ask.

2. Be sure you know a student’s name & his/her school. You may have the student write his/her name and school on the chalkboard.

3.If you are judging several levels within one room, be very certain that you ask the student his/her level – and make the critique sheet accordingly.

4. Stay until ALL performances and/or all entries have been judged. Be patient. Many students are entered in several events; they may have to reschedule their performances, so try as best you can to be patient and work with them! Do not quit early even if it may seem that no one else is coming-they may be performing in other areas!

5. It is important that the same judges, and all judges in the category view all entries. Be sure that all judges agree on the final RANKING and that all of you stay until your judging sheets have been checked off in the tab room. Fill out all sheets completely; your judging sheets are returned to the students to assist them with future language learning and event preparation.
6. Rather than disqualify a performance for any reason (time limit violation, forgotten lines, etc.), deduct points in an appropriate category, thereby lowering the ranking for that entry. Even the best English-speaking performers occasionally forget a line; it’s even more difficult in a foreign language. You may prompt if necessary; however, excessive prompting should be reflected in the score.

7. Try to rank at 60 or above if at all possible. Consider the literary/musical/artistic quality of the materials performed/presented. Try not to let yourself be biased by personal taste.

8. Rank entries through ten places. Place the names and the schools on the proper sheet. The form will be the “Awards Assembly” form.

9. Be positive and encouraging with your comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome and may be instrumental in that one student’s further study of German.

10. In all skits (and Plays) select a “Best Actress” and a “Best Actor”

11.Write the total score clearly and double check your math! When making the final listings of winners,print as clearly as possible. It is from that list that the winners are read at the awards ceremony.

12. Don’t leave campus until you turn in your results and have been cleared by the Tab Room. Thank you so much for giving up your Saturday to assist with the judging. It helps our programs tremendously for our students to see that this is important enough for adults to use a day off to help them improve! The coordinator for your area will be coming by to see that you have enough judging forms and to answer any questions.

Sincerely, Sprachfest Steering Committee