Welcome to the NTR Winterfest!   We hope that if you are a new teacher or have not been to Winterfest before, you will contact me with questions.  There are several retired teachers and experienced teachers willing to help you get involved!

There is a new event this year: Oral Presentation  in Oral Testing.  This is a great way to work for Winterfest while preparing for the AP and the IB exams.  This will not go to the State contest- we need another year of piloting it first.  We will have Schulwappen again locally, but this year we are asking that you construct something that can be used to identify your school in the awards’ ceremony.

So far this year, Sportfest has not been scheduled.  We are searching for a location.  Because it is so late in the fall, we are trying for a date in the Spring.


Check back for new information!