I have updated the website with most of the changes and updates for 2023, but thought it would be useful to compile them here. The upshot is this: We plan to be back in-person for Winterfest and the Texas State German Contest this year!

Winterfest will be at a new location – Skyline HS in Dallas. We need a new location for Sportfest as well, but I haven’t found one yet. If you would be willing to host, please let me know ASAP!

After many years of keeping registration fees at $10/student for early bird and $12/student for regular registration, we are raising registration fees to $12 (early bird) and $15 (regular). While we know this can be a burden at a time of general economic upheaval, our registration fees are still very low compared to other academic contests that students participate in – and to be frank, it is difficult for us to cover expenses without raising the registration fees.


Updates about Specific Events

  • The music event Chorus has been dropped due to lack of participation.
  • The Pass Auf theme for 2023 is “Scientists from DACHL-Länder: Space, Medicine, & Math.”
  • The Einzeltanz will be the Heitauer. I will put details on the website as soon as I receive them.


Minor Rule Changes

Rules and/or critique sheets for the following events now reflect some tweaks:

  • Guidelines for determining which students are Advantaged Speakers have been modified. Please visit the Advantaged Speakers page for details.
  • The rules for Needlework were updated to specify that sewing machines may be used but handwork must be prominently featured.
  • Students are now required to submit photos of the creation/design process for Digital Logo rather than only the completed logo.
  • The number of entries per school for Poetry and Prose Memory Advantaged is increasing to 3, consistent with the other levels.
  • Skits 3 and 4 will move to Tier 1 for Sweepstakes purposes, while Skits 1 and 2 will stay where they are on Tier 2.

Permanently Virtual Events

As a reminder, the following events will remain online permanently:

  1. [Arts] Digital Logo Design
  2. [Arts] Photo Essay
  3. [Arts] Video Show
  4. [Declamation] Oral Presentation
  5. [Declamation] Poetry Reading
  6. [Declamation] Prose Reading
  7. Research Paper

Entries for these 7 online events will be due one week prior to contest day (Sat. Jan. 28 at 9:00am for Winterfest, Sat. Feb. 18 at 9:00am for State). These students will also need to fill out a Google Form for their events (as they have done for the past two years.) Judging will occur that week and results will be announced along with all of the other events at the Award Ceremony on contest day.

Judge Sign-Up

Judges will sign up through a Google Form that will be distributed late this fall.