Winterfest 24-25 Participant Digital Badge

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Shine a spotlight in recognition of your work for Winterfest with our exclusive Digital Contest Participant Badge! Designed to commemorate your spirited involvement in this North Texas Regional German Contest, this emblem encapsulates your dedication and talent in a pixelated masterpiece.

Celebrating our Digital Logo winner, NAME HERE, the badge is crafted with precision and flair, our badge showcases the essence of your participation, featuring vibrant colors and dynamic imagery that symbolize the exhilarating journey you embarked on. Whether you conquered challenges, unleashed creativity, or demonstrated unparalleled skill, this badge serves as a tangible testament to your remarkable contribution.

Be sure your name, as you want it to appear on the badge, is correct on the order.

Email with your name, your teacher's name, your school and any events where you placed in the top 10 will be added as a badge customization.

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